We supply and install two types of car parks which both have multistorey capabilities.

Our patented clear span demountable GRP system has many advantages over traditional build car parks while our modular traditional build car park is "better by design" over others in the industry.


Install a truly demountable, clear span single deck or multi-story car park within weeks!

We also design and build modular traditional build car parks with innovative design features to set it apart from competitors

GRP Demountable car park

There are very few components within the system that allow for repetitive and fast fabrication.

Fewer components also mean that design flexibility is achieved at very little cost.

With our off-site construction, there is less disruption on-site so that existing car parks can function for longer to maintain revenue.

As our GRP panels are 1/10th the weight of concrete panels, less transport is required to deliver components to a site.

The lightweight system requires less in terms of foundations and therefore significant savings can be made and time saved in the ground.



 Modular traditional build car parks


At Sysdex we have looked at everything that is wrong with traditional car parks and reinvented each component to provide a solution that is better by design.

Our ramps are manufactured from galvanised open grid grate which is not susceptible to dynamic loads in the way that concrete is and therefore cracking to the ramp is eliminated.

The ramps are not affected by adverse weather and do not require de-icing during the winter months.

Our concrete slabs are uniquely cast in preformed bays which allows for controlled cracking, random cracking is far more difficult to waterproof and is prone to failure.

To simplify fabrication and steel erection we have designed the steelwork connections for the worst-case scenario we use six bolts all one size.


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