Multi-Storey Modular Car Parks
Multi-Storey Modular Car Parks

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is your COST PER SPACE? 
It’s the no.1 frequently asked question and why not? At Sysdex we’re not afraid to talk about pricing, after all cost can play a big part in any purchase and when all things are equal the price is one factor that will help us to make a decision, most of the time.
In short we offer turnkey solutions from £6995 per space.  
But all things are not usually equal and we love to talk about our top quality GRP fully demountable products or our USP’s of our concrete Hybrid system, but mostly the cost per space will be decided on how efficient is your car park design? Our professionally designed layouts can save customers £1000’s before a fork is even in the ground and I can’t recall the number of times our experienced design team have revised a customers layout to achieve more spaces or identified an option to save on the size of the construction, reducing the overall spend. Sysdex can save you money by design, give you more spaces or less construction with a good quality product, so  why would you consider anything else?
2. Is it possible to extend the car park with additional levels? 
YES, with Sysdex the only way is up! Sysdex is currently the only fully demountable car park system on the market to offer multi-storey capability. Using our GRP system you can build it, move it or add to it at a later date. We have also created the World’s largest fully demountable car park structure, click the link to view. 
3. Do you provide a car park hire service?
YES, we offer our single deck system from £49.99 per space, per week, plus delivery, installation and removal for a minimum 12 month hire period, alternatively we offer temporary level deck solutions on a day to day basis. 
4. Is there a limit to the number of levels on your Multi-Storey car park system?
YES, our design is currently set to ground+3 levels, we could achieve additional levels on request, with simple changes to the design in order to comply with health and safety regulations. 
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