Multi-Storey Modular Car Parks
Multi-Storey Modular Car Parks


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As experts in the construction of Multi-storey and Single Deck car parks we have an on-going commitment to tackling climate change and to set ambitious targets to reduce our carbon footprint. We make it our responsibility to reduce energy consumption while offering complete commitment to our customers by dedicating time and resources effectively to deliver a professional service. Less time spent commuting to and from offices and site visits can not only reduce stress from an unpleasant commute, it is undoubtedly a benefit to our employees, which not only improves the health and wellbeing of our workforce, it has proven links to productivity while helping to save energy and reduce our carbon footprint. 
How it works… 
1. An introduction to TSG... 
TSG specialise in the construction of Modular Buildings including Multi-Storey & Single Deck Car Parks and provide the highly acclaimed Sysdex system as the only truly demountable, modular car park system on the market with multi-storey capability. Our modular 15.6m clear span structure offers fewer columns and obstacles beneath, delivering a bright and airy feel to floors below and our off-site build ensures a super fast installation with minimal disruption to your existing car park. 
2. An example of our work… 
A recent example of our GRP system was installed within 12 weeks for Liverpool County Council boasts 650 spaces over ground+3. This fit for purpose multi-storey car park with bespoke design open grid ramp was constructed off-site to include road surface, composite dampening blocks, integral guttering system, waterproofing, electrics and installed as completed modules directly from truck to truss. Images and videos taken from the construction site are available at 
3. A guide price for construction…
Guide prices are based on the additional spaces delivered and installed (not the existing ground floor spaces) and are subject to any ground works or footings, staircases, ramp design, lighting, cladding or fascias, delivery, site welfare and VAT all of which are estimated until our design stage is completed, where our experienced designers target your overall layout, transportation to construction costs, in order to achieve optimum efficiency and save you money by design:
a) Highly acclaimed GRP System, Fully Demountable and Re-Usable with 15.6m clear-span approximately £11,995 per space.
b) Concrete Hybrid System Demountable with 15.6m clear-span approximately £8,995 per space
c) Sysdex clear span, steel superstructure with standard construction concrete deck approximately £7,995 per space. 
You may wish to consider capital allowances made available to you with temporary, demountable, plant machinery, leased or rented equipment as this can make choosing a demountable system more advantageous for the future, plus we offer a buy-back option and a rental scheme too! 
4. Additional product information available…
Sysdex GRP system is not the most expensive product on the market, however it’s far more advanced than the cheapest! It’s hard wearing demountable and re-useable capabilities means that you could benefit from capital allowances made available to plant as it's ideal as temporary installation or rental system. Any of the options above can be purchased outright, leased or installed and paid from by parking revenue over 7-10 years with our Build Operate and Transfer Scheme. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me, or for further information on our Sysdex products, you can download PDF presentations at: and 
5. A basic layout or design… 
Using tools such as google earth or plans provided by your architects we are able to create a basic car park layout to establish the level of efficiency available within a car park deck at your site. We can provide a number of different options from multi-storey to single deck, all without the need to attend your site conserving energy, helping to lower our carbon footprint and reducing costs that can be passed on to you or your client. Layouts are meant only as a guide to allow for alternative options and to review the cost of construction to ensure optimum number of spaces. 
6. As a consultant or builder… 
As a consultant TSG shall commence design stage, this time can be used to assist with a feasibly study or help with your planning application. The initial during design stage are to complete outline design, soil investigations, topographical surveys and provide a full set of drawings to assist you with your planning application along with specific steel calculations for building regulations and our standard JCT contract. 
If engaged as builder the project can move more quickly as materials and stock can be ordered while the design stage is being processed,  commencing with off-site build of your car park modules during the initial design stage and while the contracts and surveys are being processed. 
7. Efficiency is key . . .
Once you're content with the basic layout and guideline costs are approved, TSG can move forward at your desired pace with site inspection, full design, calculations, surveys, build schedules and our standard JCT contract. 

TSG work efficiently and transparently to deliver a professional, cost effective system. In order to confirm that TSG's Sysdex system can be effectively installed and operated on a site it is necessary to carry out investigations into the site topography, services, ground conditions, etc. The extent of survey work varies depending on specific site conditions but will generally and as a minimum include the following:

  • Initial walk-over and visual inspection. 

  • Electronic topographical survey.

  • Environmental desk top study (to include historical mapping).

  • Site services check (utility searches and local record review if available).

  • Site drainage survey (CCTV inspection and routing diagrams).

  • Ground Investigations of a depth to accurately assess ground conditions.

  • Structural design to comply Building regulations, Fire authority codes and recommendations.

We would recommend carrying out the above list to fully determine the site conditions and to ensure there is no detrimental impact on the site through the incorrect installation of a structure. Our highly acclaimed GRP modular system is built off-site to include road surface, waterproofing, guttering etc. which provides for quick and easy erection or dismantling, thereby allowing the system to be relocated and re-used with minimum disruption to your existing car park. This versatility also allows quick adaptation of the parking deck should alterations or extensions be required at a later date. You may also wish to consider the capital allowances made available to you with temporary, demountable, plant machinery, leased or rented equipment, plus we offer a buy-back option and a rental scheme too!  

Guide prices are based on an upto 60 space single storey deck excluding foundations and are subject to enabling works, ground works, staircases, lifts, ramp design, cladding, fascias, highway control, fire rating, lighting, lining, site welfare and VAT all of which are estimated until design stage, site survey and soil investigation are completed.  Turnkey solutions are available on application with quotations supplied following completed design and required specification. 
Thank you for considering TSG as your experts in car park construction, in order to proceed with site inspections, initial surveys, design or drawings we would require a minimum of £15k on account as your car park consultant or 10% deposit as your builder, in the unlikely event that ground investigations reveal that a car park deck could not be installed on this site or for any reason whatsoever (prior to singing contracts) you decide not to go ahead with a car park construction on this site, we would refund your deposit or any monies held on account minus reasonable costs incurred. Any money paid to TSG as consultant to your car park project would be deducted from the final purchase price should you commence to place your order. 
I look forward to working with you! 
Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any further questions; 
Cole Stevens
Business Development Consultant 
+44 (0) 7956 511 051
The Structure Group of Companies Ltd 
Enquiry              -    Layouts and Guide Prices    (Basic layouts to ascertain car park efficiency)                     
Design Stage     -    Surveys and Searches        (Soil Investigations, Drawings, Calculations etc.)                    10% Deposit, refundable minus costs incurred.
Ground Works   -     Footings and Enabling        (Preparation for super-structure install)                                   40% Materials and Labor 
Off Site Build     -     Prepare and Build              (complete modules for faster installation)                       
Construction      -     Deliver and Install              (Installation of steel super-structure with completed modules) 40% Transport and Labor
Completion        -     Snag and Hand Over         (Finalising detail and remedy any minor issues)                       10% On completion


Cole Stevens

Business Development Consultant

Modular Construction, Car Park Construction and Finance


Mobile: +44 7956 511 051




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